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our visit to the farnsworth house

It's been a dream of ours for a long time now to visit Mies Van Der Rohe's legendary Farmsworth House in Plano, Illinois. Well, this past weekend we finally made the trip. It was a great experience; we got the backstory on Edith Farnsworth and her relationship with Mies, explored the property and walked through the house. Here are a few photos from our outing.

We had lunch at the Subway in Plano before heading over to the house, and wondered to ourselves - did Mies Van Der Rohe ever enjoy a footlong at this Subway, or perhaps go bowling here before heading down the road to work on the house? Probably.

A view of the house from the river. This may look like anything you'd see in Dwell magazine now, but imagine when it was first built - who ever thought of a house so minimal, with floor to ceiling glass walls? (well, maybe Philip Johnson, but that's about it)

Looking inside the house. Pretty neat and tidy, right? No kids allowed.

Travertine. It's all about the Travertine. Gotta get us some Travertine.

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