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Andy Warhol's Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)

Andy Warhol Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) 1963

Andy Warhol Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) 1963

This giant two-part painting will be auctioned tonight at Sotheby's. The estimate is $60 million.

I saw a smaller painting from this crash series in Europe a number of years ago - it was a powerful piece, but I am sure this much larger silver version is even more stunning.

Pop Art often gets a bum rap - people think of it as superficial, flat - and true, a lot of it is. But this particular work is powerful. There is a lot of depth of thought behind the painting, and a lot to chew on as a viewer. Topping all this off is the way it is executed - the starkness of black silkscreen ink on silver paint, the repeated image like the frames of a film, the expanse of seeming blankness remaining, the minimalist purity of the piece. One sees a line connecting this work with the more recent (and also great) work of Christopher Wool.

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