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George Condo: Ink Drawings at Skarstedt London


I love George Condo! What a cool artist, and cool dude. Years ago, he was having a show of massive paintings inspired by old jazz records at Pace Gallery - back when they were still in Soho. I was in town for a few days and stopped by the gallery on the last day. The gallery was closing early to photograph the show, but the guy at the front desk (who turned out be William Wood, the very talented painter) let me in to check out the work. George Condo was there hanging out with one of the guys from Phish, watching as the photographer took shots of his paintings. (that's true, not some dream I had) George was really friendly and chill - what a thrill. When I got back home to California, I sent a drawing to Condo care of his gallery - it was a framed cartoon I had done of Jackson Pollock peeing into Peggy Guggenheim's fireplace (based on the infamous story.) Probably not the safest drawing choice to send if you want to make a good first impression, but I thought if anyone would appreciate it, it would be George Condo. Cut to about 5 years later, and I'm living on the East Coast, and walking around Central Park with my friend Diana. I see George Condo sitting on a park bench with his daughter. I say hello and thank him again for being so cool that time I had come to his show. He was nice, but not really as friendly. Maybe it was because he was with his daughter and didn't really know me. Hopefully the drawing hadn't freaked him out! Hope our paths cross again one day. Super talented, interested guy, that George Condo. All this to say that Condo is having a show of ink drawings at Skarstedt in London - if you're there during the show dates, check it out and let me know what you think.